Electric bass and hand drums in an exuberant interplay - big music in a small format.
Duality extracts the essence from melodies. Shining examples of the approach can be heard on the interpretation of “So What” together with the opening lyrical jewel “Desmond/Tsunami”. Owe works in parallel with accompaniment and melody voice... phenomenal playing. Martina appears in full figure in rhythmic fireworks. In “I Mean You”, signed by Monk, both musicians excel. Outstanding dynamics!
OJ #2 2023
Long-standing rhythm section Owe and Martina Almgren step forward in a newly formed duo. With a variety in musical expressions and arrangements they interpret jazz standards and play their own material in a most personal way. Contrast-rich, cohesive, playful and independent music. As a tribute to life! 

Elbas och handtrummor i ett kokande samspel - stor musik i litet format.
Mångåriga rytmsektionen Owe och Martina Almgren kliver här fram i en nybildad duo som spelar eget material samt tolkar jazzstandards på ett personligt sätt. 
Stor vikt har lagts på variation i musikaliska uttryck och arrangemang, Monk´s ”I mean You” swishar förbi och Owe Almgrens stilla ”Pacem” manar till fred och frid.
Kontrastrik, sammanhållen, lekfull och självständig musik. Som en hyllning till livet!

Photo ©Annika Clarholm
Photo ©Annika Clarholm
Photo ©Annika Clarholm
Photo ©Annika Clarholm
Photo ©Annika Clarholm
Photo ©Annika Clarholm

Owe Almgren Martina Almgren DUALITY
OYR026 Oh Yeah Records release 17 March 2023
Owe Almgren – electric bass and musical arrangements
Martina Almgren – hand drums and cymbals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by ÅKE LINTON at Studio Tonkontrol 2022/2023.
Cover Design by Owe and Martina Almgren
Produced by Owe and Martina Almgren
With support from the Swedish Arts Council www.ohyeahrecords.com