"The first impression the music gives are strong lines of joy like the luck of skipping" OJ "An album stuffed with goodies. Constantly swinging jazz with singing melodies, character and mighty power." "Exuberant modern big band jazz in the small format" DIGJazz
"Nice mix of orchestra and avante-garde jazz. Exhilarating!" All about jazz

OH YEAH ORCHETRA Freedom of Movement
Composed on commission for Swedish Jazz Celebration in 2009 
Lisen Rylander Löve - saxophones
Björn Almgren - saxophones
Karin Burman - voice
Magnus Broo - trumpet
Petra Lundin - cello
Niclas Rydh - trombone
Tommy Kotter - piano
Ebba Westerberg - percussion
Owe Almgren - electric bass
Martina Almgren - drums
Music by Martina Almgren