Discography As leader & co-leader

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Martina Almgren MAJESTIC
Oh Yeah Records 2023

Owe Almgren Martina Almgren DUALITY
Oh Yeah Records 2023

Martina Almgren Peace of Mind
Oh Yeah Records 2019

Martina Almgren This Song of Mine
Oh Yeah Records 2018

Oh Yeah Orchestra Freedom of Movement Imogena 2011

Martina Almgren Quartet Unden
Imogena 2003

Martina & Owe Almgren Quartet Lisboa 
Oh Yeah Records 2014

Martina Almgren & Laura Macdonald
Open Book

Imogena 2007

Martina Almgren Quartet Leaving Home 
Zebra Art Records 2001

MOZ Trio Sparkling Water,Please 
Oh Yeah Records 2013

Martina Almgren Quartet Bingo
Imogena 2005

Martina Almgren Quartet September
Imogena 1999

Appears on

Teresa Indebetou Band Cities Imogena 2017

Erik Weissglas
It´s Raining, But Not Now

Nilento Records 2016

Teresa Indebetou Band Present Imogena 2014

mamaToT Centrifigur
Imogena 2012

Teresa Indebetou Band Cooking Imogena 2012

Sam Westerberg
Genom Mitt Fönster

Talking Music 2011

Teresa Indebetou Band Flowing Imogena 2010

Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band
Wayward Songs
Flyin´Willie Records 2010

Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band
Write On
Flyin´Willie Records 2009

Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band
The lost Causeway
Flyin´Willie Records 2006

Stella XL
Imogena 2005

Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band
Swede Home Alabama
Flyin´Willie Records 2004

Claes Janson Ångbåtsblues
Gazell Records AB 2001